Monday, November 25, 2013

If my game were to be a multiplayer game..

In this blog post I will describe how my game would be if it were to be a multiplayer game.

I will start with a quick summon up on the story of the game. The game is revolved around a warrior in search for an item stolen from his tribe. During his quest to retrieve the item and bring it back to his village, he encounters various enemy soldiers and warriors that he need to deal with in one way or another (stealth is the preferred option, but acts of violence can be required from time to time).

To create a multiplayer part, I could choose to make the other player an enemy counter part or an additional warrior that would help out the initial player along the way. I prefer the second option, and I can imagine that I would be able to create some pretty cool stages or levels where the players would depend on each others skill sets and cooperation in order to accomplish the missions and make it through the levels.

The above mentioned is meant as an idea in case I decide to expand the game to include a multiplayer part. The first draft includes only one player and will be created according to that.

Friday, November 15, 2013

First prototype!

Link to my first prototype (flash file):