Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brainstorming game 2

Game 2



There are a lot of bad electrical wiring on Hawaii (compared to Scandinavian standards at least). This game will be centered around a craftsman that is tasked with renewal of the wiring.

The player is given responsibility for the strategic part of the replacement of the old wires with new ones. When a wire is being changed it will shut down the power of a certain number of houses. If a house is without power for extended periods of time the player will loose credibility and trust. The same goes if the old wires are not replaced in due time, so the idea is to plan in a way that ensures the fastest possible replacement. The player will work on several parts of the city simultaneously, and there are both wires that power single houses and big main wires that are responsible for the power to several large areas.


The game is very simple and will not be needing any sophisticated graphics or AI. I believe that a good combination of HTML5 and JavaScript will be able to live up to the necessary standard.

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