Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brainstorming game 3

Game 3

Para Insertion


The player acts as a para-military combat search and rescue officer. The player is given certain missions to accomplish behind enemy lines and the way of insertion is always by parachute (HAHO, HALO). These missions can include elements of reconnaissance and information gathering, search and rescue, infiltration, etc.

When the player is assigned to a mission it is his responsibility to choose the right gear. This includes everything from clothing to accessories over weapons and ammunition. If too much gear is brought on the mission, the player might not be able to complete the task at hand, and vice versa if the player decides not to bring some gear essential for the mission to be completed. The player can achieve recognition and medals for the missions, the highest being The Medal of Honor.


Given the military aspect of the game, a highly developed AI-engine is needed in order for the players experience to be as realistic as possible regarding interaction with enemies and surroundings. The same goes for the graphics engine which needs to deliver crisp animations with as smooth transitions as possible. Furthermore, it is needed to be able to interact with the surrounding environment. I believe that an engine such as the Dunia Engine will be able to fulfil the above mentioned needs.

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