Monday, December 16, 2013

4th Prototype

This is my fourth prototype and my first in Unity!

I have created my first protoype in Unity. The scene illustrates a ridge on a mountain where the player will have to navigate between rocks and the edges in order to avoid the enemy soldiers and finally get to The Chest of Knowledge that the player has been searching for. The player is illustrated by a cylindrical character while the enenmy soldiers are illustrated a s capsules. The Chest of Knowledge is portrayed as a floating sphere at the end of the scene.

I had some issues with the main character where it would fly straight up in the air as soon as the game was started. Unfortunately, I didn't get to solve this before the deadline, so that is one point that will be corrected for the next prototype. Also, movement of the enemy soldiers along with a detection pattern will be implemented.

The above mentioned means that my first Unity prototype is not playable as such, but it should work to give an idea of where the game is heading.

Have fun reviewing!

Link to prototype:

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