Saturday, December 14, 2013

Game Minute

This is my Game Minute for The Modern Warrior.

I will here describe one minute of a scene in my game The Modern Warrior. The description will be thorough and include every little detail of what happens in the game.


The player is controlling our head actor which is a ninja warrior. The ninja warrior moves forward and sees a ledge above him that he decides to move under. A bit further ahead he sees a deep fall in front of him and realises that he will not be able to cross it. He bactracks to the ledge and climbs up on it. From here he can see an enemy warrior a bit further ahead. He also notices some ledges above him which is separated by a space of air. His mission is to be as stealth and silent a possible, so he decides to jump up on the ledges and try to avoid an encounter with the enemy warrior. As he jumps over the enemy and over to the last ledge, he watches the enemy warrior and realises that he is not following him. He then jumps down from the ledge to solid ground and continues forward. He sees another ledge in front and above him and jumps up on it. From here he can see an additional enemy warrior. The enemy warrior is moving back and forth on a separate ledge. The ninja warrior notice a piece of paper lying on the far end of the ledge. Above him is another ledge which he crawls up upon. He walks to the other end of the ledge and wait for the enemy warrior to walk to the other end before jumping down and retrieving the piece of paper. He quickly sees another ledge a bit further ahead and decides to jump there. He is now safe from the second enemy warrior and have time to further explore the paper. It is a note where the Chest the ninja warrior is searching for is mentioned. It also mentions another location which is where the ninja warrior decides to head towards. He moves forward and the stage fades out and when it fades in again he is at the new location.

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